What should I do to remove oil stains from drapes?

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The curtain in your home contributes to its brightness and glamour. But they also make your home look unkempt and bad when they get exposed to dirt, stains, and oil stains. Nothing can be as annoying as having oil stains on the fabrics and then the worry you have over trying to clean them. Of course, regular scheduling of Curtain Cleaning Canberra experts does solve the problems of grease and stains. Many homeowners will be delighted to know that these stains from oily cooking and other accidental soiling may be tackled at home without calling Curtain Cleaners Canberra services.

Yes, greasy and oily stains spoil the look of your curtains but there are home remedies to remove them. Read on if you wish to perform as expertly as the Professional curtain cleaning Canberra specialists and turn your soiled curtains into spotless ones!

Check carefully before cleaning

Curtains get oil stains from the greasy fingers of children, and guests or from spilling for kitchen cooking which might be by accident. Before cleaning or washing it is necessary to assess the area that has become spotted. Do not rush into a wash straight away. If the greasy patch is a small one, it may be handled locally without having to remove the curtains from the window.

If oil stains are spotted soon after their appearance just act quickly by blotting with a cloth and use a gentle detergent to wipe off and rinse with a cloth. For tougher dirty oily patches a stronger cleaner is needed with soaking and washing. If you are afraid to take any steps for fear of ruining it, you can always call Curtain Cleaning Canberra services.

Curtains react to different methods of cleaning agents differently as they range from linen, cotton, silk, or polyester.

Removing stains from curtains with home-based hacks

If you have guests coming in and the curtain has a solitary greasy patch that you don’t have time to remove, you may use the following options as a quick fix without ringing for Curtain Cleaners Canberra specialists!

Soda with lemon juice: Place your palm beneath the soiled portion, keeping the fabric horizontal. Agitate the stain using lemon juice first followed by soda. The bubbling will stop after some time leave for fifteen minutes and wash off the residues. Lemon juice has a bleaching effect and can sometimes do the trick.

Dishwashing detergent: Take a cotton ball moistened in warm water and wipe the oily soiled area. Then take a little detergent and apply it to the stain. Leave for 10 minutes and take another cotton pad that is moistened with water to remove the greasy stain.

Salt: Apply salt on the stain or oily patch. Allow to stay for twenty minutes. Salt absorbs the oil and has dehydrating properties. Then clean with a detergent the usual way by using a moist cotton swab.

For stains that are many and fresh

In case you notice any areas of fresh stain, don’t rush off to Professional Curtain Cleaning Canberra services. Just simply soak the curtains in any one of the below-mentioned options-

Salt solution: Immerse the curtain for one and a half hours in a basin of salt solution. If the stains persist soak for a longer time and wash.

Laundry bar and soda: Rub a cleaning bar on the soiled zones of the curtain and immerse in a warm solution of soda. Wait for two to three hours and then wash.

Washing powder and dishwashing solution: In a mixture of dishwashing solution and washing powder soak curtains for half an hour and wash.

Iron effect: Hot iron can get rid of fresh greasy spots from durable materials. Napkins are pressed on both sides and ironed till fat transfers on the paper. Brown paper bags may be used. At the point of contact between fabric and iron, crushed chalk may be applied and covered with a napkin.

Removing old tough oily stains

Stubborn old stains may be removed by holding a handheld steam cleaner and this dislodges the greasy particle sand and removes the greasy spot. In case of a greasy patch on white curtains, you may simply use laundry soap that has a whitening effect.

Home cleaners that may be made at home to fight grease

Rub a mixture of white vinegar, ammonia, and table salt into spots and leave for fifteen minutes. Another option is using ethyl alcohol and laundry soap. You may also soak the curtains for a little more than an hour in a 3{e5a55f96fa6575096c54a00c1b98d5cbe59cec716debb6642cafa76319b832f6} peroxide and water mixture. Another good trick is to use a water solution with 9{e5a55f96fa6575096c54a00c1b98d5cbe59cec716debb6642cafa76319b832f6} vinegar. Lastly, you may apply on the stains a mixture of water, ammonia, and glycerin for fifteen minutes. All are effective cleaners.

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